Our Company



Our Mission

Contribution to people around the world.
Hearing a “thank you” from even one patient,
is what we strive for.
This is our Dream at PeptiDream.


Our Motto

Our Dream can come TRUE!
Our Dream can come TRUE!


ペプチドリームは、独自の創薬プラットフォームシステムPDPS(Peptide Discovery Platform System)を活用し、特殊ペプチドによる創薬を完成させることにより、アンメット・メディカル・ニーズ(未だ有効な治療方法がない医療ニーズ)に応え、世界中にいる疾病で苦しむ方々に貢献することを目的とします。


At PeptiDream, we aim to complete the development of therapeutics using non-standard peptides by applying our proprietary Peptide Discovery Platform System (PDPS) so as to meet unmet medical needs (medical needs for which there is not yet an effective treatment method) and assist people suffering from illness all over the world.
To achieve this objective, we will take on challenges with full force under the following four elements of our corporate philosophy.

PeptiDream continues to create unique technologies for drug discovery and development.
PeptiDream creates innovative pharmaceutical products.
PeptiDream creates pharmaceutical products that cater to diverse medical needs.
PeptiDream contributes to society with new pharmaceutical products.



PeptiDream Corporate Code of Conduct

Based on the understanding that fulfilling our corporate social responsibility leads to an improvement in our corporate value, we try to ensure sensible corporate activities and comply faithfully with our Corporate Code of Conduct, stipulated herein.

当社は、当社の独自技術である世界最先端の創薬プラットフォームシステムPDPS(Peptide Discovery Platform System)により、「低分子医薬」、「抗体医薬」に次ぐ第三の「特殊ペプチド医薬」市場の創成に寄与し、世界の医療の進歩に貢献します。
By applying our proprietary Peptide Discovery Platform System (PDPS), which is a world-leading technology, we contribute to creating the market for peptide drug discovery, the third market following those of low molecular drugs and antibody drugs, thereby contributing to advances in medicine around the world.
We comply with laws and regulations and execute fair corporate activities in accordance with the legislative intent.
We communicate with the broader public, not to mention our shareholders, to disclose our corporate information proactively and fairly.
We respect the distinctive personalities of our employees, ensure that their workplaces are safe and comfortable, and create an environment that enables all employees to demonstrate their capabilities and vitality with a sense of unity as members of the company.
We act based on fair, transparent, free competition and trade. We do not tolerate any form of bribery and corruption.
We adopt a firm attitude with respect to anti-social forces and similar groups that threaten social order and safety and have no involvement with them at all.
We maintain sound, normal relationships with politicians, the government, medical professionals, and others.
By respecting diversity, we proactively push forward with efforts relating to human rights. We will not condone any discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), nationality, race, age, disability, religion or anything else.



PeptiDream’s Policy on the Respect for Human Rights

PeptiDream Inc. sets out its policy on the respect for human rights as follows. Following this policy, PeptiDream pursues business activities in which it respects the human rights of all stakeholders.

1. 基本方針
  • 採用・配置に際し、性別、性的指向・性自認、国籍、人種、年齢、障がい、宗教などに関わらず、能力および職責に基づいた運用を行います。
  • あらゆる形態の強制労働に反対します。また、児童の福祉を保護し、法的に認められた 場合を除き児童の雇用を受け入れません。
  • 「結社の自由」、「団体交渉権」を企業として尊重すべき人権と考え、法の規定に則り従業員のこれらの権利を尊重します。
2. 適用範囲
1. 国際人権章典
2. 労働における基本的原則および権利に関する国際労働機関(ILO)宣言
3. ビジネスと人権に関する指導原則
1. Basic policy
PeptiDream promotes business activities in respect to the human rights of all stakeholders, including all board members, employees, business partners, the entire supply chain, and local communities, at all facilities. This policy on respecting human rights is based on the International Bill of Human Rights, and the International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights in Labor, and the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and other international norms.
We specifically adhere to the following,
  • PeptiDream hires and assigns people based on their capabilities and responsibilities regardless of their gender, sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI), nationality, race, age, disabilities, religion or anything else.
  • PeptiDream is against all forms of forced and compulsory labour. PetiDream protects the welfare of children and does not accept the employment of children excluded if legally permitted.
  • PeptDream regards “freedom of association” and “right to collective bargaining” as human rights that should be respected as a company, and respect these rights of employees in accordance with the provisions of the law.
2. Scope of application
This policy is applied to all board members and all employees of PeptiDream. PeptiDream asks all stakeholders throughout the entire supply chain for their understanding of the policy and cooperation to respect human rights
3. Education for respect for human rights
PeptiDream strives to educate all board members and employees on respecting human rights through providing training for preventing discrimination and harassment in the workplace.
4. Dialogue with stakeholders
PeptiDream considers that its initiatives to respect human rights should be developed continuously. The Company emphasizes the importance of ongoing dialogue with relevant stakeholders as well as understanding human rights implications relevant to its business activities from the perspectives of the people affected. Through continuing these efforts and disclosing relevant information, we will continue to improve our human rights activities.
Reference material
2. ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work:
3. Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights:



Supplier Code of Conduct

PeptiDream is committed to understanding legal compliance, human rights, environmental conservation, and health and safety, associated with our supply chain. To ensure PeptiDream meets these social standards and norms, and to promote procurement activities considering them, we articulated this Supplier Code of Conduct. We request our suppliers to comply with this Supplier Code of Conduct in order to strengthen mutual trust and build sustainable business partnership.

1. 自由な選択による雇用:強制、拘束による労働を禁止する。

2. 児童労働の排除、若年労働者への配慮:児童労働者を違法に雇用してはならない。若年労働者の雇用は適用法が認める範囲内で、危険にさらされることのない業務に限定する。

3. 差別の排除:性別、国籍、人種、年齢、障がい、宗教などによる差別を禁止する。

4. 規定に基づく賃金、福利厚生および労働時間:適用法に準じて最低賃金、時間外労働および社会保障などの法定給付などを支払う。また労働時間は適用法が定める限度内とする。

5. 結社の自由:現地法の規定に基づき、結社の自由、労働組合への参加または不参加、代表者の選任に関する従業員の権利を尊重する。

6. 汚職の防止:汚職を禁止する。不適切な利益を得るために、直接的または第三者を通じて間接的に賄賂のやりとりを行わない。

7. 不正競争の防止:事業活動は公正な競争のもとで適用される独占禁止法を遵守する。

8. 環境への配慮:適用される環境関連の法規制を遵守する。


1. Employment through free choice: Forced labor or work in captivity shall be prohibited.
2. Child labor and young workers: Child workers shall not be employed illegally. Young workers shall be employed to the extent permitted under applicable laws. Their duties shall be limited to those that will not expose them to any danger.
3. Elimination of discrimination: Discrimination associated with gender, nationality, race, age, disabilities, religions, etc. shall be prohibited.
4. Wages, benefits, and work hours: Minimum wages, wages for overtime work, statutory benefits, including social security, etc. shall be paid under applicable laws. Work hours shall be within those prescribed under applicable laws.
5. Freedom of association: Employees’ rights on freedom of association, participation or non-participation in labor unions, and appointment of representatives shall be respected under local laws.
6. Prevention of corruption: Corruption shall be prohibited. Bribes shall not be offered or received directly or indirectly through a third person to make an inappropriate profit.
7. Unfair competition: Business activities shall be conducted in compliance with the antimonopoly law for fair competition.
8. Environmental consideration: Applicable laws and regulations related to the environment shall be complied with.

To understand the actual implementation status by suppliers, we may request our suppliers to respond to a questionnaire from PeptiDream or a third-party auditor. We ask for the understanding and cooperation of all suppliers and their subcontractors in compliance with this Supplier Code of Conduct.