Analyst Coverage

Analyst Coverage

2021年1月現在 As of January 2021
会社名(五十音順) アナリスト(敬称略) Firm Analyst
株式会社いちよし経済研究所 山崎 清一 Ichiyoshi Research Institute Inc. Kiyokazu Yamazaki
株式会社エース経済研究所 池野 智彦 ACE Research Institute Inc. Tomohiko Ikeno
クレディ・スイス証券株式会社 酒井文義 Credit Suisse Securities (Japan), Ltd. Fumiyoshi Sakai
ゴールドマン・サックス証券株式会社 植田 晃然 Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd. Akinori Ueda
シティグループ証券株式会社 山口 秀丸 Citigroup Global Markets Japan Inc. Hidemaru Yamaguchi
大和証券株式会社 橋口 和明 Daiwa Securities Co. Ltd Kazuaki Hashiguchi
野村證券株式会社 松原 弘幸 Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. Hiroyuki Matsubara
丸三証券株式会社 大野 剛 Marusan Securities Co., Ltd. Tsuyoshi Ohno
みずほ証券株式会社 都築 伸弥 Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. Shinya Tsuzuki
ジェフリーズ証券会社 スティーブン バーカー Jefferies (Japan) Limited Stephen Barker


This list of analysts was prepared based on material that was available at the time of writing. Therefore, please note that there may be other analysts who have not been included in this list, and that some of the information may not be the latest.


Please note that the analysts have conducted their own analyses of the Company's performance, businesses, products and technologies, and have developed their own forecasts. These processes do not in any way involve the Company or the management of the Company.


Furthermore, the management of PeptiDream Inc. does not endorse or concur with the forecasts, opinions and recommendations of these analysts. Thus, we cannot take any responsibility regarding the consistency of such information.


The provision of this list is explicitly for the purpose of introducing analysts of external companies or research-related institutions that have undertaken analyses and forecasts of our corporate performance. This is not for the purpose of soliciting sales of the Company's stock.


Please note that decisions regarding the purchase of shares are solely up to the investors themselves.